Just adding an entry in the.spec file makes somethin build?

Joshua Walker halkun2002 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 1 09:16:45 CST 2004

Are .spec files automahicly built? Adding an entry to
the .spec file does what exactly? From my standpoint
all it does is add an entry to the documentation thats
generated by c2man.pl, but it's undocumentabale, not
linked to anything, and just sits there. I'm assuming
you *MUST* have a function, or a declration, or
something the jive with the .spec file?

On second thought, this is more of a functionallity
question. Here's more on documentation...

I wanted to say this after I finished documenting the
API of a DLL, but it's more releivent here.

Many people program open source for many reasons. I
simply want to learn the Win32 API. I have no idea
why, I guess I'm just cerious about how it works. As I
am sitting here placing comments into code I am
reminded of a short story in "The Hitchhiker's Guide
to the Galaxy"

In the story there was an alien who had immortility
accidently placed upon him by way of a particle
accelorator, a rubber band, and I think some tea...
But I'm not too sure about that bit. Anyway he had a
grand old time simply outliving the hell out of

After a while he became biter an jaded, he needed
something to do to bide his time and so he decided to
insult the universe. 

The worst bit, and the part that he fought so hard to
maintain, is that he decided to do it *Alphabectally*

I feel much like this guy, I'm starting in
advapi32.dll and methotcally working my way through
it. At first I wanted to do an end-to-end API
documentaion, but I'm hampered by things that arn't
implmented yet.

That's fine, I'll just do an end-to-end Wine API
documentation instead. I do not have the skills to
fill in code myself. I don't even have a test suite
(Read:windows computer) to check myself against

I have found that when I document the APIs, that the
subs tend to stand out between the hyperlinks. It
almost feels like they are saying "Look at me! Not
only do I not fuction, but I can't get a lousy
hyperlink either!" And so I think I have found another
motivtion to do Open Source programming.


Yes, I am now panning to guilt people into
impmentation. All those entries look soooo pretty it
it wasn't for those ugly, black stubs in there. I
would like to have the entire API in there, stubbed
out, to simply enhance the guilt.

But I shall just "do what's there" I just dispuse
going through what I've written when I have an
eppifiny of some sort. I have to do it again anyway as
I need to link up some advapi32 calls to some ntdll
calls. I just learnd that one was a front end to

Anyway, I guess this is a rounds about way of saying
this, but I'll just do what's there, and hopefully
guilt others into implemtation ^_^


P.S. If I find someone who has implemented something
after I've gon through the DLL, only to find they
didn't bother to make a simple documentation header
for it.... Well, then I'd just be really sore....

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