lParam of WM_CREATE for MDI children

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 2 09:26:00 CST 2004

Hello Dmitry,

--- Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at baikal.ru> wrote:
> No offence intended, but I don't see anything useful in the diff:

No offence taken. I didnt know if there would be anything useful in
there or not. We have been doing a bit of work on MDI because Martin's
explorer clone depends on it so I thought we might have already fixed
some of the bugs. Quite a few of our developers also use MDI text
editors though I dont understand why.....
> 1. lots of useless #ifdef __REACTOS__/#endif

I agree. We need to better split the Win16/32 stuff in some of the
sources we are adopting and abstract some of the code better so Wine
and ReactOS can share it without needing these. I will send a patch for
this today.

> 2. MDICLIENTINFO is allocated twice: in WM_NCCREATE and WM_CREATE.
Yes this is a problem too.

> 3. again, as everywhere in the ReactOS I see complete misuse of
> ansi/unicode
> macros vs. real win32 API names. You guys really want to disable use
> of macros
> based on the UNICODE preprocessor define, like it's done in Wine.
> Otherwise
> you will get *a lot* of mess and headache in the long run.
> For instance
> SetWindowLongPtr(hwnd, 0, (LONG_PTR) ci);
> what version A or W of SetWindowLongPtr is intended to be used in
> this
> particular case and in this particular place of the code?

Your right. We have the same problem in the controls and I think this
causes a good bit of problems for us.

Well sorry for the noise,

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