#3 - shell32/systray.c

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 2 10:07:50 CST 2004

Hello Mike,
--- Mike Hearn <mike at theoretic.com> wrote:
> I have a pretty big patch against the system tray code, and it's
> going
> to get bigger.


> Hopefully in the next few days I will get time to properly reverse
> engineer (if it's not already documented) the interaction between
> shell32 and explorer, so we can implement this using a separate
> wineshell executable. 
> Is there anything you need from us for ReactOS? If the message
> protocol
> is documented I guess you guys can just implement server support in
> your
> explorer for it, am I right?

I am not 100% sure but I think your patch will be enough. We already
have some systray support in our Explorer when running on Windows. Take
a look at running explorer under WINE and see if it will help any.


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