Any experts on IsDialogMessage

Bill Medland billmedland at
Fri Jan 2 12:23:24 CST 2004

Hi All

Happy New Year to everyone and Welcome Back to Alexandre

I am just about to start concentrating on IsDialogMessage, especially in the 
non-dialog context.  Our program (suite) uses ActiveX controls extensively 
and is difficult to use because the TAB handling in particular is totally 

I will be using a trivial program with IsDialogMessage inserted into the main 
loop and will be trying to figure out the undocumented behaviour of this 
function (e.g. I am sure it internally handles redirecting to children etc.)

The only comments I've noticed so far (about a year back) suggest that we 
really don't know much about this function, but I thought I'd ask if someone 
else has notes about what is wrong with it, how it should work, alternative 
web sites etc. or has uncommitted patches etc., just so that I don't 
duplicate work.

All comments welcome
Bill Medland

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