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Rok Mandeljc rok.mandeljc at
Sat Jan 3 13:26:17 CST 2004

> The dmusic_common.c thing is wrong, you can't use the same source file
> in multiple dlls, this won't build properly. Also you should not
> include private header files from other dlls, if definitions really
> have to be shared they should be in a common header somewhere in
> include/ or include/wine, though in most cases you should be able to
> avoid that.

I can't see how sharing dmusic_common.c would mess up building (it
builds and works fine for me), but then again you have more experiences
on this matter. Do you have any suggestions what should I do about it?

And I believe shared private header you had in mind was dmusic_common.h;
I didn't know it was forbidden to do it since you didn't say anything
when I included dmusic_private.h in dmime_private.h last time.

Anyway, dmusic_common.c and dmusic_common.h are there primarily for
generic IDirectMusicObject functions; it's really easier to implement it
that way and it simplifies code maintenaince.
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