winecfg to configure directsound options?

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun Jan 4 11:09:40 CST 2004

Chris Morgan a écrit :
> I was planning to add the audio driver as a configuration option in winecfg 
> but had a few questions. 
> Does anyone use the directsound options?  If so it probably makes sense to 
> have an "Audio" tab in winecfg with the audio driver and the dsound options.  
> If not then it might make sense to put the audio driver alone on another 
> page, maybe the general config page?
> Should we have a multimedia page?  What other multimedia options would go 
> there?
at minima, we would need to define:
- which sound drivers are enabled (winmm drivers)
- which is the default sound card (if several are present)

then we could add:
- the dsound options (but they are rarely used)
- midi mapper options (see dlls/winmm/midimap/midimap.c)
but this is absolutely not needed for now...

So I'd go for a specific tab which could grow in the future


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