netapi32: implement NetServerEnum and NetShareEnum

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Sun Jan 4 13:03:55 CST 2004

--- Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> wrote:
> In the remote case, what we need is for the kernel
> to manage the whole
> protocol, so that we can do read() and write() calls
> as if it were a
> normal socket. You cannot manage the protocol in the
> client process,
> it breaks down as soon as two threads (or worse,
> processes) share the
> same pipe.

Again, why?  The named pipe server has to support
multiple accesses, so multiple processes can create
unique connections to the same pipe, and let the
server worry about concurrency.  Even if that weren't
the case, using a synchronization object and shared
data in the wineserver would be able to control
access.  In the multithreaded case, you only need to
implement concurrent control in the dll that
implements named pipes (most appropriately ntdll).  I
had to synchronize NetBIOS receives across threads in
netapi32.dll, and this doesn't seem any harder.


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