How can I run a program compiled with winelib when wine has been uninstalled.

Bruce Zhang (HangZhou) BruceZhang at
Sun Jan 4 19:13:02 CST 2004

Dear all,

I'm making efforts to let a program which is compiled with winelib run with
wine uninstalled. This program was for windows initially, I managed to
compile it under Linux(Redhat) with winelib. Now I have got the files
"program" and "" and they run well on a PC with wine
installed, but I want it to run with wine uninstalled. I think I can realize
that by copying the .so files located in /usr/local/lib/wine to a new place
and use them, but there are still problems, I got a "Segmentation fault" by
now. Who can tell me how can I do with it or if the idea is feasible? 

I am a newbie of winelib, I've browsed the articles of the last three months
in the mailist but couldn't find the answer I want. Any help will be
sincerely appreciated. 

Bruce Zhang

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