[winecfg] - audio tab w/autodetection, misc

Chris Morgan cmorgan at alum.wpi.edu
Sun Jan 4 22:53:04 CST 2004

Submitting this patch for comments.

This patch adds an "Audio" tab to configure the audio driver that wine should 
be using.  I also put together an autodetection routine that isn't complete 
and is almost certainly not portable.  If you see anything that can be 
improved or that needs to be conditional upon platform feel free to send me 
some mail.  Autodetection also needs support for Nas and audioIo.  Also added 
support for double clicking in the "Drives" tab on a given drive and linked 
this to opening the edit dialog.

This change may have brought out a bug with the tab control, I see a gray box 
drawn ontop of the Audio tab's text, very odd.

I wasn't sure what to do with the resource files so I went and copied the 
changes from the En.rc over to the rest of the rc files.  I noticed that 
Si.rc was missing a bit of resource information that the other files have, 
like all of the drives and drive editing resource information.  What happens 
if this information isn't present?  Is the resource information for other 
languages used instead or would winecfg not behave properly for Si?


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