How can I run a program compiled with winelib when wine has b een uninstalled.

Brian Vincent (C) VincentB at
Mon Jan 5 10:32:32 CST 2004

>> I'm making efforts to let a program which is compiled with winelib run
>> wine uninstalled. This program was for windows initially, I managed to
>> compile it under Linux(Redhat) with winelib. Now I have got the files
>> "program" and "" and they run well on a PC with wine
>> installed, but I want it to run with wine uninstalled.
>This will not work. Why would you try to do that anyhow?

I'm guessing it's because he wants to distribute the Winelib app.  
The folks installing probably won't have Wine on the system.  

Which brings up a good point, is there an easy way to distribute
one?  What comes to mind would be some way to adapt the Wine binary
distributions (RPM's, .tgz's)  to also install an application at
the same time.  

Brian Vincent
Copper Mountain Telecom
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