install default config files to $PREFIX/share/wine

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Mon Jan 5 16:01:52 CST 2004

Registering the dlls?  Is this the same as loading them?

How would we know which dll was responsible for creating which registry entries?  Is it that clear which one should do it?

Would the code called during registration check to see if the default keys existed and if it didn't install the default values?

Would the inf file be mostly keys we've added for workarounds with apps like installshield installers?

I'm asking because I'd really like to have wine create its own default config to simplify the users life and wineinstall, and I'd also like to simplify package managers lives so they don't need to many special scripts.  I'm also interested in integrating the ~/.wine/config file into the registry.  So feel free to suggest places to look, work and what direction to head.


> From: Alexandre Julliard <julliard at>
> Date: 2004/01/05 Mon PM 04:46:59 EST
> To: cmorgan at alum.WPI.EDU
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> Subject: Re: install default config files to $PREFIX/share/wine
> <chmorgan at> writes:
> > How do we plan to get rid of having default config files?  Where would the default registry go?
> It will be created on the fly by registering the various dlls and
> creating the remaining needed keys, most likely through a setupapi
> .inf script.
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