winearts patch

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Mon Jan 5 20:10:50 CST 2004

Just looking it over it seems fine.  Eric Pouech is a better person to review 
something like this, he's had quite a bit more experence in this area.

A couple of things:

(4b) wodPlayer_FeedDSP()

In the while loop, I could not figure out the purpose of 'availInQ >
SPACE_THRESHOLD', so I changed it to 'availInQ'. In reality, the
SPACE_THRESHOLD check could probably be left in, I am not sure what
the purpose was in the first place.

I think is to prevents us from feeding very small amounts of data.  I'm not 
sure it is necessary for arts but I believe oss/alsa have issues with chunks 
of data below a certain size.  Perhaps it improves performance if we aren't 
always trying to stuff a handful of bytes in.

(4d) Removed wodPlayer_DSPWait()

I just calculate the wait value once in wodOpen() and store it in

Won't this value change as arts becomes filled with data or plays data out?

Can you go over these changes a bit more?  Maybe Tom can add some information 
to the documentation based on what you have to say about the change.


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