Windows dll replacement with Linux library

Dan Timis timis at
Mon Jan 5 20:30:44 CST 2004

On Saturday, January 3, 2004, at 01:07 AM, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>> I'm new to this so please bear with me.
>> First I edited the Makefile and replaced gcc with winegcc.  When I run
>> "make" I get this error when it tries to link:
>> could not open .def file for kernel32
>> Error: /usr/bin/winebuild failed.
>> Error: /usr/bin/winewrap failed.
> Can you please send me the command that generates this? Just to make
> sure that we're on the same page, use winegcc (for now) just for 
> building
> the test application, not the DLL.
>> Then, I ran ./configure --help and it says that you can use the "CC"
>> var to specify the compiler.  I started from scratch, set "export
>> CC=winegcc", then ran configure again.  The output looks like this:
>> checking whether make sets {$MAKE}... yes
>> checking for gcc... winegcc
>> checking for C compiler default output... configure: error: C compiler
>> cannot create executables
> This is very odd. winegcc should be configure friendly (it does work 
> for
> wxWindows BTW). Hey, what version of Wine are you using? I do hope it's
> the latest CVS...

I am using an older version 20030618.  It's hard to change, other 
people depend on this particular version and I would have to upgrade 
several machines.  I could try on one machine, but...

A colleague who dealt with similar problems in the past helped me.  He 
added this to

# generate a .def "import library" file from the spec file
$(usbutils_dll_DEF): $(usbutils_dll_SPEC_SRCS)
	$(WINEBUILD) --def $(usbutils_dll_SPEC_SRCS) > $(usbutils_dll_DEF)

Both the and the .def go in /usr/lib/wine/wine.  Earlier I 
noticed that there was no .def file.  That was our clue.

For the test we added the library to the list of wine dlls in

It's working.
I'm still a little confused, but I understand much more than a week 
ago.  Thanks.

Dan Timis
Muse Research, Inc.

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