no keyboard events in ddraw application.

Aric Stewart aric at
Tue Jan 6 08:53:01 CST 2004

I believe this is the same issue i am seeing with IE started in full 
screen mode. It appears that those windows are being created in 
unmanaged mode and thus never generate any of the focus events that wine 
uses to try to track input focus.

if you place them into a desktop then it works fine. I am unfamiliar 
enough with that level of the windowing code that i am unsure how to fix 
it right.


Oleg Prokhorov wrote:
> Hello wine-devel,
>   I've got a problem with 'Theme Hospital' game application. It requires
>   some keyboard input to start.
>   But the problem is that this application doesn't receive any
>   keyboard events.
>   I've put some checks inside function process_events  (dlls/x11drv/event.c)
>   but they show that no keyboard events (KeyPress, KeyRelease)
>   I don't have any experience in this area and ask for you guidance,
>   where to look at.

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