shell shorcuts

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Tue Jan 6 12:19:14 CST 2004


On 06.01.2004 18:51:16 Subhobroto  Sinha wrote:
>  I had completed the patch for IPersistFile::Load() and associated functions.
>  In the last patch which I had submitted for review here, Mike McCormack had
>  pointed out an incorrect assumption that I had made about all locales being
>  DBCS. Thanks to him, many of you will not suffer ;)

I am working on the ReactOS Explorer, which uses Wine's shell32 implementation.
We already have made many bugfixes and estensions to the shell link and other
shell32 code. One of those extensions is the implementation of control panel in
shell namespace. We will post this big patch for shell32 next time.
(when some remaining problems will be solved)

As I saw in from the comment in your Stream_LoadString() patch, you are not
sure about the meaning of the SCF_UNICODE flag in *.lnk files.
Well, I think it's because it has been defined wrong. I am currently using this

#define SCF_UNICODE 0x80        (instead of 0x1000)

This is at least compatible to links of WIN95 (ANSI strings) and WIN XP (UTF16 strings).
I did not yet test any other operating system versions. With this corrected
defintion and a few more extensions Stream_LoadString() works pretty well
on ReactOS.



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