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Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Tue Jan 6 21:35:37 CST 2004

Can somebody have a look at this?

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Subject: [unixODBC-DEV] - UnixODBC, Wine, Crystal Report -- would appreciate insight
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 15:07:11 -0500
From: Aurelien Marchand <aurelien.marchand at researchcapital.com>
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I am a bit confused as to who I should send this email. Please let me
know if this is the wrong place.

I am really, really close to making the whole thing work (I'll show in a
minute why I think that) but I'm stomped and need some help.

I've dumped my WinNT workstation and replaced it with Linux. So far, I
can do exactly everything I was able to do (except updating my calendar
on the Exchange server used where I work), minus using Crystal Report.
I have installed it using CodeWeavers' CrossOver Office and it installed
without even a hiccup.
I've also installed unixODBC and tested the odbc.ini configuration using
isql. It works great when I try to connect to the company's AS400
database. The default library is set to my username and I can query
other libraries using the dot (.) as a separator (e.g: SELECT * from

So far so good: UnixODBC works perfectly to talk to IBM's AS400.

Now I need to tell Crystal which drivers to use. I've read on the web
that Crystal is not a very good student and thus ignores Windows'
ODBC.ini settings but checks what's in the registry. I've also come to
understand I must set ODBC.dll = "builtin, native" in my Wine's config
file so that it will try to use whatever is set for
LIB_ODBC_DRIVER_MANAGER env variable for Windows' ODBC connections.

I've come to that point: my system.reg or my user.reg contain one ODBC
setting (the same name found on /etc/odbc.ini and ~/.odbc.ini). My wine
config file uses "builtin, native" for it's ODBC setting and my
~/.odbc.ini contains proper DSN settings (since I can query from the
console using isql).
The best part is, when I start Crystal Report, and select ODBC sources,
I have in the dropdown that appears all the entries I've put in my
~/.odbc.ini file. As I said earlier, great strides indeed.

Now the last missing piece is that it seems Crystal using Wine and
unixODBC cannot login properly and retrieve the table list. It just
hangs when I expand the "+" box beside a DSN entry.
I've enabled sql log (in /etc/odbcinst.ini) but I can't find really
relevant information.
Let me know if you want to see it.

So now I'm stuck. Any ideas on how I can make it work?
Note: I've tried to Crystal's DB2 ODBC drivers and also with IBM DB2
ODBC drivers (both for Windows) - although it shouldn't make a difference.


Aurelien Marchand

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