winewrap: fix wrapper linking

Richard Cohen richard at
Wed Jan 7 08:24:57 CST 2004

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> Richard,
> You patch from Nov 28:
> says (among other things):
>    "Compiling with -lwine needs to use the given -L paths."
> In other words, it adds all the -Lxxx libs to the linking step
> for the wrapper. I see no reason to do so. At the Windows/DLL
> level, we only link with kernel32, and we know exactly where
> it is: in DLLDIR. At the Linux/ELF level, we only link with
> -lwine, and similarly, we know it resides in LIBDIR.

Those libraries only reside there after Wine has been installed.
winegcc needs to be able to build programs/* etc. from inside the tree
Anyway, it looks like the wrapper will be going away soon ...


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