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Uwe Bonnes bon at
Wed Jan 7 11:53:02 CST 2004

>>>>> "Ferenc" == Ferenc Wagner <wferi at> writes:

    Ferenc> which I don't understand given the definition

    Ferenc> ----------------------------------------------------------------
    Ferenc> HWND WINAPI CreateDialogParamA( HINSTANCE hInst, LPCSTR name,
    Ferenc> HWND owner, DLGPROC dlgProc, LPARAM param ) { HRSRC hrsrc;
    Ferenc> LPCDLGTEMPLATEA ptr;

    Ferenc>     if (!(hrsrc = FindResourceA( hInst, name, (LPSTR)RT_DIALOG
    Ferenc> ))) return 0; if (!(ptr = (LPCDLGTEMPLATEA)LoadResource(hInst,
    Ferenc> hrsrc))) return 0; return CreateDialogIndirectParamA( hInst,
    Ferenc> ptr, owner, dlgProc, param ); }
    Ferenc> ----------------------------------------------------------------

    Ferenc> After LoadResource returns, I would expect a call to
    Ferenc> CreateDialogIndirectParamA instead of the SysLevels etc.  Could
    Ferenc> somebody explain this, please?

Intra DLL calls are not looged by relay debugging. So you don't see the
CreateDialogIndirectParamA call in a relay log. Maybe +dialog may
help. Otherwise instrument the calls with more messages.

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