Wineconf update, RFC re remote participation

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Wed Jan 7 13:31:24 CST 2004

> Does anyone recall being remote to the last Wineconf?  
Yes I was (and I'll be remote again this year)
Video is of course better than audio (and you can also store it for 
later reuse)
> Did it work at all?  
Yes, as a feed back for presentation
> Is there anything we could/should do to 
> enable others to join us, if only virtually?
> (Please feel free to tell me that it didn't work worth beans
> and we should just drop it, btw <g>).
One of the things which improved was to have a couple of folks present 
chatting on IRC at the same time (even, if it was not satisfactory to 
break in and ask questions)
One of the good things could be to have a round of IRC questions after a 
> Other thoughts or comments?
It will be much more harder for hacking sessions of course.


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