Comment on new file implementation

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Wed Jan 7 13:36:29 CST 2004

> Here are a few random thoughts on it:
>   -- it seems we're duplicating a bit stuff like udev/proc,
>      but we can't rely on them, so I guess it's not a big
>      deal. However, somehow we should keep in mind that
>      udev will allow for hotplugging disks etc, and we should
>      keep an open eye to integrate with that in the future.
this shouldn't too much an issue. The way it's done, we can add new 
volumes on the fly in ${WINEPREFIX}/device (which is not supported right 
now), and mount on the fly new drives (which is supported to some extend 
right now). Mainly what's missing is the script which creates the 
volumes & drives (and since the patch is stateless) it should work (TM).

>   -- I assume ${WINEPREFIX}/{dos,}device point somewhere
>      in the user's home dir (~/...), right?
By default ${WINEPREFIX} is ~/.wine (but you can override that).

>   -- I hope Alexandre likes the idea, and we can get it
>      in sooner, rather then later (before WineConf? :))
well, don't ask _me_ about this. The real issue is how to apply 400 KB ? 
(small chunks, it will take more than one month IMO, one big will create 
  lots of regressions I fear...)


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