Task Manager for WINE and ReactOS

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 7 13:57:10 CST 2004

Steven Edwards a écrit :
> Hiya Mike,
> I have CC'd this to wine-devel in case you are short on time or are no
> longer interested in taskmgr or if Alexandre even wanted it in CVS. I
> have updated the license header and removed most of the C++ style
> comments except in the C++ source files we have not been able to
> convert yet to C. Work on taskmgr has stalled in ReactOS pending our
> 0.2 release and its mostly fully functional under Windows anyway. WINE
> should only require minor tweaks to get it to work.
Steven, I have also ported the C++ back to C (from the ROS tree), so if 
you want to include it in ROS, it'll be easier to get it back in wine then.

> Hi Eric
> I know your busy with the File Reorg stuff but in case you are still
> interested I CC'd you. After reading over the Winedbg guide I thought a
> nice feature for the WINELIB build would be the ablity to add a check
> box to one of the dialogs to show the Windows Thread ID and Unix
> Process ID's that each process is mapped to. 
that would be nice indeed.
> I didnt apply your last
> patch because taskmgr worked fine under Windows and I lost it in my
> inbox. =(
I can send it again as stated before ;-)))
but why are you using a hosed mail box ?

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