Task Manager for WINE and ReactOS

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 7 13:28:58 CST 2004

Hiya Mike,
I have CC'd this to wine-devel in case you are short on time or are no
longer interested in taskmgr or if Alexandre even wanted it in CVS. I
have updated the license header and removed most of the C++ style
comments except in the C++ source files we have not been able to
convert yet to C. Work on taskmgr has stalled in ReactOS pending our
0.2 release and its mostly fully functional under Windows anyway. WINE
should only require minor tweaks to get it to work. 

Hi Eric
I know your busy with the File Reorg stuff but in case you are still
interested I CC'd you. After reading over the Winedbg guide I thought a
nice feature for the WINELIB build would be the ablity to add a check
box to one of the dialogs to show the Windows Thread ID and Unix
Process ID's that each process is mapped to. I didnt apply your last
patch because taskmgr worked fine under Windows and I lost it in my
inbox. =(


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