winearts patch

chmorgan at chmorgan at
Wed Jan 7 14:54:50 CST 2004

> > (4b) wodPlayer_FeedDSP()
> > 
> > In the while loop, I could not figure out the purpose of 'availInQ >
> > SPACE_THRESHOLD', so I changed it to 'availInQ'. In reality, the
> > SPACE_THRESHOLD check could probably be left in, I am not sure what
> > the purpose was in the first place.
> Dunno either. Reading Chris response, we need this on OSS (because 
> sounds is processed by fragments of fixed size). I don't know how arts 
> behaves here... Thrashing it altogether could also work.

It would seem to reduce the number of calls to arts if we waited for a minimum amount of data, not sure if the input size of each chunk of input data is large enough to make this check pointless or if it won't hurt performace making the additional calls, just wanted to point it out.  The issue with OSS appears to be that for some drivers the fragment prior to the last one isn't played if the last fragment isn't complete, line 1398 of wineoss/audio.c, I'd be inclined to think this isn't something to worry about with arts.


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