Wineconf update, RFC re remote participation

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Jan 7 19:46:09 CST 2004

> Telephone conversations are quite cheap nowadays (from Europe, they
> cost are <$3/h!), what about a big conference call. You can break in,
> ask questions, etc... That will work quite nicely with any sort of
> telecast from the conference, me thinks.

That's an interesting idea; it's conceivable that we could arrange
such a service for a fairly limited number of callers,
presuming those callers were willing to foot the bill for the call.

I'm curious how many folks would really want to do that, though.
Could I get a private show from folks that would want to do that?



p.s.  If someone out there is thinking:  of course you could do that,
if would be trivial if you just did 'X', please feel free to share X
with me.  Otherwise, we'll have to investigate the open pbx project
and the possibility of getting some Quicknet cards...

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