Wineconf update, RFC re remote participation

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Jan 8 08:49:03 CST 2004

> I remember getting all sorts of spam about very cheap conference calling.
> It can't be that expensive, we just set up a US number, the caller
> pays the long distance charges (which are very small right now)...

Well, we've had a tentative offer from someone to use their conference
services; I'll see if that pans out.

However, conference calling services (one of which we use
regularly) are ostensibly 'cheap', but their prices scale
by the multiple of number of connections and length of time.

48 hours times many callers would shatter my budget.

Now, if you *own* the conference box (which is easy to do; you
can buy 'em for a few K or build them easily), then you only have
fixed costs, and can afford something like this easily.  I
believe that's the case in the service I've been offered.



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