Wine troubles on Diskless workstations.....

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Jan 8 14:29:43 CST 2004

Le jeu 08/01/2004 à 15:15, Alex Stewart a écrit :
> Hi,
> 	Below is a thread I started in the wine-users list but so far
> no seems to know the answer. I've tried their suggestions but
> they dont work. I think its a simple question (maybe not I dont
> really know thats why I have the question)
> How does wine store the path to its libraries? Simply put I changed
> the prefix var in the wineinstall script to point to a different "root"
> path for a diskless client system. The path is the root folder that
> gets made into a compressed tar.gz for the ram disk. Anyway
> as you would think/probobly guessed when I run wine on the client
> the path to the libs are not correct, they still point to the path on 
> the
> server instead of the true root (/lib/wine)..... Thanx a bunch in 
> advance!

./configure --prefix=/opt/whereever/it/ll/go
make prefix=/some/place/to/be/packaged install

Basically, it's the same process as building an RPM (install somewhere,
grab everything over there in a "fake" root and package it).

Hope this helps...

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