WWN broken

Brian Vincent (C) VincentB at coppercolorado.com
Sat Jan 10 10:27:29 CST 2004

> We scan the XMl with tidy before posting. What is odd is that tidy
> reports the XML is valid, but yet PHP's XML parser barfs on it. Whatever
> the case, I just patched it, so it should be fixed online soon.

Whoops.  Sorry about that.  I was running out the door when I put it 
up.  I did run it through tidy, but tidy kind of sucks.  The only way 
to really catch things is to run it through xmllint.  But xmllint has
a terrible interface for finding malformed problems.. hence tidy.  
Thanks for fixing that.

Also, if anyone is bored and wants to do something easy, it might be
nice to change all references in the WWN issues from winehq.com to 
winehq.org.  I've just recently switched over to trying to be consistent
on the .org thing.  There's about 200 issues that could be run through

Brian Vincent
Copper Mountain Telecom
vincentb at coppercolorado.com
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