shell32 patches to be usable by ReactOS Explorer

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Sun Jan 11 16:30:02 CST 2004

> I'm afraid you'll have to do that. There's no way I can put that patch
> in as is, it's way too big and doing way too many different things. It
> also has a number of ugly hacks that will have to be cleaned up.
> Please submit small self-contained patches that do only one thing,
> with a changelog explaining what they do.

OK, OK - I feared that.

> I know it's a pain, but the real solution for next time is to submit
> things as soon as they are done, instead of waiting a month and then
> sending a huge patch that cannot possibly be reviewed.

This "as soon as they are done" has been the problem.
I did not wait a month, I simply could not get some things running
at the first try, and had to change some things a number of times.
I don't think, you would have been happy with receiving all those
forward and backward steps.

Perhaps you could commit the biggest but simplest thing in the meanwhile,
the new icons. They are nearly independend from the C code, and I would
like to avoid resending this big patch file. But please don't the change the
icon ID in shres.rc for now:
-0 ICON document.ico
+1 ICON document.ico
This also needs a code change.



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