#2 - Mdi Win16/32 Split

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Mon Jan 12 00:21:41 CST 2004

On January 11, 2004 09:56 pm, Ge van Geldorp wrote:
> o you guys really believe that a pile of 107
> patch mails while Alexandre was unavailable would have been a better
> idea?

Absolutely. It's way better than a big huge patch. A huge patch
is meaningless for anybody reviewing, we can just put it in and
hope it works. Smaller patches have _many_ advantages:
  -- can be easily reviews
  -- since people can understand them, they can comment on them
  -- these discussions result in a lot of useful information
  -- all this info gets archived for future hackers (_very_ useful)\
  -- even if the patches are bad, they document a dead end
     so others don't have to waste time going there
  ... and so on ...

Yes, you seem to be frustrated by the tight control that Alexandre
uses on the Wine tree. I know, I've been many times, and I can tell
you that I've got worked up over this a number of times. But I'd be
hard pressed to look back and list a single instance where he wasn't
correct in rejecting my changes.

Also, you don't seem to appreciate that you get access to a _huge_
codebase of high quality code. And the reason it's good code, it's
because of this tight control. I am sorry to say but I've sensed
a bit of a "if you don't like it, screw you" attitude, and that's
not helpful. We've tried hard to make our code useable as much as
possible "as is" in you tree, because we believe cooperation will
help both our projects. This attitude is not at all in this spirit.
And if you think you can just fork the Wine codebase, and take it
from here, you're only going to shoot yourself in the foot. We went
over this issue before, I think we all understand we need to work
together on this one, if we are to get some decent results before
the turn of this (very young) century...


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