[ros-kernel] RE: #2 - Mdi Win16/32 Split

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 08:21:35 CST 2004

--- Ge van Geldorp <ge at gse.nl> wrote:
> I am more than willing to do a little bit of extra work to keep our
> trees in synch but the simple fact remains that if the only way to
> get
> something accepted into Wine is to create a new Win95 installation
> and
> see how things work there I'm probably not going to bother.

I do quite a bit of work to keep things in sync and thats by working as
much as I can by working out of winehq CVS but that doesnt mean the
rest of the ReactOS developers are going to follow. I still try to
merge thier patches as I can but I am only one person. A big part of
the problem with us merging some of the changes for the controls back
in is:

1. They dont add much to WINE except cleaning up the TWEAK_WINELOOK
stuff. I would have already started sending patches to remove this code
from Winehq but I am wanting uxtheme to come along a little more so we
can see if we can create a Win 3.1 theme before I throw all of the
Win3.1 style support out the Window.

2. We have quite a few hacks in our support of the controls. In quite a
few cases such as Menu and Scrollbar support its not just a matter of a
recompile but a major rewrite. If you guys want to share more code then
I will create a dummy implementation of Win32k.sys for WINE so we can
share everything.


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