[ros-kernel] RE: #2 - Mdi Win16/32 Split

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at intelliware.ca
Mon Jan 12 11:07:17 CST 2004

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, Steven Edwards wrote:

> 1. They dont add much to WINE except cleaning up the TWEAK_WINELOOK
> stuff. I would have already started sending patches to remove this code
> from Winehq but I am wanting uxtheme to come along a little more so we
> can see if we can create a Win 3.1 theme before I throw all of the
> Win3.1 style support out the Window.

Well, I personally think we should get rid of the Win31 look -- it's
dated, and I don't think people still use it. If they do, the way to
implement it is through uxtheme. And if there is enough motivation to
move it there (even though I doubt there will be without users), the
code can always be found in the CVS archive.

> 2. We have quite a few hacks in our support of the controls. In quite a
> few cases such as Menu and Scrollbar support its not just a matter of a
> recompile but a major rewrite. If you guys want to share more code then
> I will create a dummy implementation of Win32k.sys for WINE so we can
> share everything.

We should have these discussions more often, and you guys should push
for ways to share as much code as possible. Right now these thing come
out once in a blue moon during a heated argument, and we just find out
that you can't share more code because of this hack or another. This
is just justification for the current situation instead of a more 
proactive stance to correct it.

WineConf will a good chance to flush these things out. You guys should
assemble a list of problems (as seen on your end), and we should try
to come up with a plan that maximizes the amount of files you can reuse
"as is" (keyword: "as is").


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