shell32 patches to be usable by ReactOS Explorer

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Mon Jan 12 17:23:12 CST 2004

> > There are also a number of unneeded whitespace changes that make the
> > patch larger than it should be.
> Yes, I tried to make some functions I had to alter a bit more readable.
> What about running a pretty printer, for example astyle
>  (
> on the whole code (or at least the shell32 directory) ?
> Some sections are currently indented with 2, some with 4 and some with
> 8 spaces - even mixed in the same function.

This was no joke. If you say, you would accept such as reformating patch,
I can easyly create one that eliminates all tab-characters, and generates
nice and uniform indented code.
This will make it a bit easier to create the small self-contained patches
you want to see instead of the big one. As additional bonus you will get
a very better formated shell32 code base.



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