slight trouble running winetests under windows

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Mon Jan 12 22:47:42 CST 2004

I'm trying to get some of the wine tests compiling and running under windows, 
oleaut32 test specifically.  I've got the project file built and everything 
opens fine under visual studio 6.  The only issue is that during linking of 
the oleaut32 tests _IID_IFont is undefined.  Oddly enough if I switch from a 
non-mfc project to a mfc project, compile, run into errors and then switch 
back to a non-mfc project things work fine, no more symbol errors about 
IID_IFont.  I even tried cleaning things out and removing the output 
directory entirely and the test still compiles once the non-mfc->mfc->non-mfc 
change has been performed.  I can't seem to see what difference going into 
mfc and back should have on the project, it seems like we are missing 
something from our .dsp project or something.  I can't seem to identify 
changes in the .dsp or .dsw files either...  Has anyone else seen this?


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