stray file

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Tue Jan 13 03:50:57 CST 2004

No! it is there for a purpose.
When doing winelib apps. The actual app is a shared library. Therefor 
the compiler will not warn about missing symbols since they can be 
resolved on load time by the running process. What the check-link stage 
does, is compile the winelib as an ELF executable. to see if it all 
links with out any missing symbols. One missing symbol will be "main". 
Hence the below file. It will automatically be linked by the check-link 
stage in the makefiles.

Free Life

Hans Leidekker wrote:

>There's a stray file, dlls/checklink.c, in Wine CVS with these contents:
>int main(void)
>    return 0;
>It must be a leftover from a configure run. I suspected my own tree but
>but it came back after I removed it and did a cvs update. 
> -Hans

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