WWN Links are busted

Jeremy Newman jnewman at codeweavers.com
Tue Jan 13 09:29:37 CST 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 06:56, Tom wrote:
> If you try to go to a WWN article from the status page's
> they don't work.
> example : Wine's fundamental architecture #154
> = 
> http://www.winehq.com/site/status_wine?issue=154#Kernel%20Module%20/%20Shared%20Memory%20Revisited
> the current link is:
> <a 
> href="?issue=154#Kernel%20Module%20/%20Shared%20Memory%20Revisited">#154</a></td>
> when I think it should be:
> <a 
> href="{$root}/site/?issue=154#Kernel%20Module%20/%20Shared%20Memory%20Revisited">#154</a></td>
> Jeremey N is this correct?
> If so I can fix all the links in the next day or so..

The template engine will correctly replace {$root} with the path the
root dir of the website. So, yes, that would be the preferred way to do

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