Wine User's guide : using Windows ODBC driver manager seems to work

Emmanuel Charpentier charpent at
Wed Jan 14 02:08:26 CST 2004

Following a suggestion in Wine User's Guide, (§ 1.1.2), I'd like to suggest 
an addition.

The "ODBC" section (§ 5.12) gives details (§ 5.12.1) about the use of the 
native ODBC driver, routed through a fake "builtin" ODBC driver. I have not 
yet had to test it in real conditions. All I can tell is that I wasn't able 
to use it to "Attach" (M$ jargon) Postgres data in MS Access (see PPS for 
the setup) : when I tried to select "ODBC sources" from the "Attach tables" 
dialog, I got immediately an error box from unixODBC telling me that no 
data source was specified.

However, the User's Guide is quite terse about the Windows ODBC driver. 
Exhaustive quotation : " Does anyone actually have any experience of this 
and anything to add?".

Well, I do. In the same setup as before, I have been able to use the 
*native* odbc32.dll ODBC driver by pulling it from a real Windows 
instalation and adding "odbc32"="native,builtin" in the config file. I 
Installed the psqlodbc driver from the Postgres database, and retried : 
selecting "ODBC sources" in the "Attach tables" dialog box led me to the 
usual ODBC manager dialogs, where I have been able to create a DSN to my 
Postgres database. I have then been able to "Atach" my Postgres tables and 
views to an M$ Access database and peruse them.

My conclusion is that such a setup can be used, if only to be able to 
export MS Access data to a more reasonable database manager. This 
information could be of some help to some people, and I'd like to see it 
reflected in the User's guide.

Of course, I'm aware that such a quick test is no substitute to real tests 
and explorations. Feel free to reach to me for further information, test 
cases, etc ...

Sincerely yours,

					Emmanuel Charpentier

PS : I'm not on this list. Please Cc: me if you wishme to react to your 

PPS : Setup : Debian (unstable), 2.4.21 kernel, Wine 20031212 as packaged 
in Debian, Win98SE (french), "fake windows" setup, using native stdole.tlb, 
ole32.dll, oleaut32.dll, rpcrt4.dll and, of course, odbc32.dll, MS Office 
97 (installed without a hitch from the CD, except for a "Can't DDE connect 
to desktop" error in the setup, ignored) + SR1 parch. I have had success 
with SR2b, but this needs a lot more native DLLs, and I can't recall them 
at the moment (work machine).

Emmanuel Charpentier

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