comctl32/imagelist -> ImageList_Remove problem

hatky hatkyinc at
Wed Jan 14 16:25:33 CST 2004

I run a free program call The All-seeing Eye,
available for free at:
And run into a few errors like this:
err:imagelist:ImageList_Remove index out of range! 0

ImageList_Remove gets(
    HIMAGELIST himl,
    int i)

line 2040 of imagelist.c says:
    if ((i < -1) || (i >= himl->cCurImage)) {
        ERR("index out of range! %d\n", i);
        return FALSE;

But since 
"When an image is removed, the indexes of the
remaining images are adjusted so that the ...."

I assume most call do not include an index but only
the handle as the case with this program from the
trace I checked it sends 0 as the i and a true handle
in himl and it makes since, since it first calls
ImageList_Create to add images and ImageList_Create
returns "Handle to the created image list" and not the
place (remember the place changes anyway....) 

I assume that in the case of the i = 0 the procedure
should locate the i itself from the handle, am I

getting close to his first patch :),

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