winecfg: a patch to review

Kirk Ruff ruffk at
Wed Jan 14 17:20:44 CST 2004

	I have started to work on winecfg a little in attempt to get used to
some workings of WINE. This is the first real open source project I have
actually tried to submit a patch to. I have started to work on a few
functions that were not implemented yet and before I forget to try to
submit a patch again I thought I would do it now. 

	The only part I have included in this patch is the ability to remove an
application from the "Application" tab. The way I assumed that this was
to do is remove the appropriate key from the registry and update the
listview. I realize this is a pitiful patch since it really doesn't add
much but I thought I would see if I am doing it correctly and to see if
does what it should. Any help is appreciated(I hope this patch is
inline, my first try at it.


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