Need help debugging ...

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Thu Jan 15 07:36:17 CST 2004

Mike Hearn wrote:

>IIRC keeper makes only one or two API calls before crashing, both of those
>calls are trivial and succeed (setting a timer or something I think) so
>it's more likely to be to do with the layout of an in memory struct or
>something. Remember that the TEB is stored in %fs, if you see references
>to that register.

Just a long shot. I had a problem with my own program. where I would 
crush on a bug as so:

in the code at global scope I had:

SomeStruct table[] = {
} ;
// Note that the the last null record is missing

now the startup code will load this table until seeing null in first 
field. That never crashed on windows (5 years old code). But on Linux it 
would (same PE binary). Is it possible that static uninitialized data 
(in a data segment) is set to 0 on Windows and is untouched in Linux/wine?

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