Fwd: Congratulations with your wine product.

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Thu Jan 15 08:45:11 CST 2004

Some good words for a happy user...

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Subject: Congratulations with your wine product.
Date: January 15, 2004 09:28 am
From: Pascal Pype <pascal.pype at skynet.be>
To: wine-faq at winehq.org

Hello maintainers and developers of wine,

The performance and configuartion of your product have
been tremendously enhanced with respect to an experimental
version I used nearly three years ago.

There were two win3.1 applications that were written with
turbo pascal for windows quite some time ago. When I tried
to run those from within a wine environment , the performance
of wine was so poor that the applications were useless when
run in a *NIX environment. (linux , freeBSD)

In a linux user & developer edition , I read an article about
wine and its team leader Alexandre Julliard. The article
have me a good impression , so I decided to give wine
another try.

Here are the conclusions:

1. outstanding documentation,
2. flawless install and configuration,
3. one out of the two windows applications works
    exactly as it did on win3.1 whilst the other
    does its job for about 60% of the total functionality
    without any fine tuning of the wine configuration.


Yours scincerely, Pype pascal.



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