winecfg: a patch to review

Kirk Ruff ruffk at
Thu Jan 15 11:43:33 CST 2004

(sent this to the wrong email address, sorry)
On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 07:08, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Why do you explicitly null terminate this string? It shouldn't be needed,
> right?

Not sure what the deal was but I was getting segfaults unless I null
terminated it myself. Now, it doesn't, so must have been something
stupid that I had done.

> Ideally of course this stuff would go via the transaction system (so in
> the hypothetical future users can undo it, and we can delay it until the
> user hits apply in explicit-apply mode).

I forgot about that and I had wondered what those functions were, well
now I know. I will try to make it work with that later today if I have
some free time.

Also, one thing that I have a question about; If I remove an application
from the 'Applications' tab, shouldn't it not show up in the 'Libraries'
tab? This is something I tried to look into but I didn't get too far. 

I switched to SHDeleteKey, and once I figure out the transaction system
I will get that going.

Thanks for your time to review it, I hope to add some more functionality
soon. This patch seems to be mostly a copy-paste from another function.

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