Regression tests and Paul Millars WRT

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Jan 15 17:03:15 CST 2004

So, I saw in WWN mention of this website which I stumbled across by
accident a few weeks ago, and had another look. I couldn't believe how
useful it was, yet nobody seemed to use it and it's not a part of WineHQ.

A few questions, therefore:

1) Firstly, to Paul - could you hook things up so that when we get new
red/purple builds an email is sent to wine-devel? I just sent a patch to
fix the http tests that started failing but I wouldn't have seen it if it
was not for your system. I think Alexandre runs the test suite before
checking in each patch, but it's still possible that there are ones he
misses (like this). If it was being done automatically perhaps AJ would
not need to run the whole test suite before each commit, so he could work
faster as well (and alexandre-cycles are waaaaay more valuable than
cpu-cycles :)

2) Why is this not running on a WineHQ machine? Too expensive? Not needed?

3) Is the source to WRT available anywhere?

thanks -mike

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