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Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Fri Jan 16 09:11:11 CST 2004

> On January 10, 2004 12:42 am, Acke Carlsson wrote:
> > Heavy based on Chris Morgan's winebrowser i cut/paste a winehh, to use a
> > Unix chm-file viewer. It works when there is no space in the path. How
> to
> > do the transform from windows path to Unix path right?
> This is getting a bit out of hand. We can't have a wineXXX for every
> XXX-type application, it's too much. What we need is a winelauncher
> app, that knows how to start different types of apps. Like so:
> winelauncher browser ...other args...
> There are other generic app types that may qualify: text editors,
> file managers, whathaveyou.

Why not just configure everything in the registry and use ShellExecute() to
launch the correct applications this way?

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