Need help debugging ...

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Fri Jan 16 14:33:23 CST 2004

> Eric, could you please submit that patch? Even if it's not correct, having
> the debuggers out of action like this is causing big problems.

I won't submit the patch as it today:
- too hacky
- not correct (we use the debugger thread environment, while we should 
use the debuggees environment. This shouldn't be too much an issue in 
most of the cases, except if you debug on a remote machine using the gdb 
proxy stuff)
- there's an easy workaround with WINELOADER env variable

the proper fix could be to:
- add a mechanism while loading an image (from disk) to check it's the 
same one as the one of the debuggee
- then, use that to test both wine-pthread and wine-kthread


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