Need help debugging ...

Jason Edmeades us at
Fri Jan 16 16:09:48 CST 2004

Hope you dont mind, I was bored and its a small download (DK1).

The disassembly of the failure shows we have written to eax, and info 
regs shows eax of 0x00.
dis 0x4e4a20 shows the routine where the return value is set up in eax, 
and some debugging shows the initial problem is a path problem. The 
routine parses the input path which inder windows is 
c:\path\to\KEEPER95.exe and under wine is KEEPER95. It searches 
backwards for the last backslash and returns a pointer to the backslash 
or 0x00. If 0x00, the trap occurs...

Now the question is where does the full path come from.


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