Need help debugging ... Ddraw issue

Jason Edmeades us at
Fri Jan 16 18:05:41 CST 2004

> Note:
> wine C:\\DK\\KEEPER95   gets things significantely further (flash 
> screen) before the next crash.
> Thats it for me on this problem, Sorry!
> Jason
Bed? Whats that... I just couldnt resist.

The next problem is ddraw surface fails swhen the main surface is 
destroyed and it has an attached palette. This is Lionels area and I 
really dont understand the code, but commenting out
dlls\ddraw\dsurface\main.c, line 106 ie:
    if (This->palette) {
    /* Bug here:     
    This->palette = NULL;
Gets things working (There's probably a memory leak here too though).
Then you have a weird mouse problem whereby the mouse will only go down 
and right BUT the game is up and running as far as the menu and you can 
go to eg the options panel etc.

So to summarize
Run DK1 with wine <fullpath>\KEEPER95
With the line above commented out

Thats really it,

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