Running Wine under MS SFU under Wine ... ?

Gregory M. Turner gmturner007 at
Fri Jan 16 22:23:53 CST 2004

On Sunday 14 December 2003 10:05 pm, I wrote:
> On Sunday 14 December 2003 09:02 pm, Dan Kegel wrote:
> > I recently posted with problems running Microsoft's
> > Services for Unix under Wine.  I only tried it out
> > of morbid curiosity, actually, and because MS was
> > offering it for free.  The free offer expired, but
> > it's back again for a little while;
> > seems to be running banner ads for it.  I'd encourage
> > any of you who even *might* be tempted to try this
> > out to go order the CD-ROM.  It would be way bitchin'
> > cool if we could nest Wine and MS SFU (I seem to recall
> > we can't nest Wine in Cygwin for some technical reason,
> > but who knows, maybe SFU won't have the same problem).
> > - Dan
> Don't get your hopes up; they are nothing to write home about.

Perhaps I spoke too soon, although when I evaluated this long ago, it was 
probably true.  MS has acquired (license to?) Interix and SFU3.5 is based on 
it; it is now available for download from Microsoft for free, I do not think 
it's supposed to be a limited-time offer this time.

I recently learned that SFU (3.5, at least) is actually a Windows "subsystem," 
which supposedly should mean that it is not a compatibility layer like cygwin 
implemented on top of the Windows API.  Could be fun, I definitely will give 
it a whorl presently...


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