Need help debugging ... Ddraw issue

Jason Edmeades us at
Sat Jan 17 02:27:05 CST 2004

 >I was following your posts here in real time and you almost found 
solutions faster than I could try them out, LOL!
To be honest these things come down to luck sometimes, depending on what 
direction you start debugging! I was very lucky with this one -  I ran 
them side by side on 2 machines, one under windows and one under wine, 
put breakpoints at the point of failure and worked backwards comparing 
the two.

 >I can confirm that the screen switches and a picture shows up when 
using full win-path and the mouse acts weird.
 >Haven't tried commenting out anything yet.
Weird. Mine trapped as soon as the splash screen was removed, so I had 
to do that commenting before I could get to the main menu.

 >I'm trying to investigate that GetCommandLine thing.
The one thing I couldnt answer is how the game 'gets' the command line. 
It doesnt (didnt!) appear to use any API to do it, although I didnt 
spend long looking into this. I hit it in wine when i tried to think of 
what possible ways you could get to the command line and tested some of 
them. This would probably need some more work to find out exactly how 
this game does it (I doubt it accesses the PEB directly).

As to the mouse problem, I dont know - I've had other games where the 
mouse behaviour is weird and jumpy, but never quite like that. Does 
turning on (or off) dxgrab make a difference? (Not booted into Linux 
just now).

Does DK2 suffer from the same thing, or is there another problem?

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