A question about winehq options

Robert Reif reif at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 17 08:05:20 CST 2004

HardwareAcceleration, DefaultPlayback, and DefaultCapture are
somewhere in the registry on 98 up but with different names. See
http://www.osr.com/ddk/stream/pcdesign_29if.htm for a description
of Hardware Acceleration.

These registry entries are set by mmsys.cpl.  I only have access to XP
and it's mmsys.cpl doesn't work well in wine.  Looking into my XP
registry shows:
holds Acceleration, SRC Quality and Speaker Configuration.

This is with XP with it's WDM driver model and I don't know how
98 handles this with it's VxD driver model.  If someone with other than
XP can look into this, we might be able to find the proper way to
implement this in wine.

What's in wine now is just a quick fix by me to allow hardware acceleration
setting and default sound card selection but the proper way should be found
in the long run.

It also might turn out that each OS version does this differently and 95 down

might not do this at all so a universal wine way might not be so bad.

"Dimitrie O. Paun" wrote:

> On January 16, 2004 09:59 pm, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> > Again, these are regedit-only options, no need to clutter winecfg.
> Of course, I was looking at the wrong part of the file when I wrote that.
> Here is the list of DSound options we decided to put into winecfg:
> [DSound]
> HardwareAcceleration
> DefaultPlayback
> DefaultCapture
> EmulDriver
> Please note that EmulDriver is also settable per app as well,
> but maybe we can ignore that as a first order approximation.
> For special apps that need overriding, regedit works just fine.
> --
> Dimi.

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