Need help debugging ... Ddraw issue

Andreas Rosenberg sonix2003 at
Sat Jan 17 12:48:37 CST 2004

Frank Schruefer wrote:

> But now what to do?

> Suggestions?

Shouldn't the WINE exe loader imitate the behavior of an application 
being started by the Explorer in Windows? 
I don't know if this is a possible solution, but this seems to be the
most "compatible" one. I think the NT behavior is that a child process 
should get the command line, like it was provided by the parent process.

To me it look's not correct to fix GetCommandLineA, but what's being passed
to CreateProcess. This also the point, where you can decide if you
are starting a Win32(s) or a Win16 application (and you can manipulate
the commandline accordingly). 
If you add a config option that only changes the behavior of GetCommandLineA
you would have a difference what you get as parameter for lpCmdLine via WinMain
and what you get via GetCommandLineA! 

>   * WARNING: there's a Windows incompatibility lurking here !
>   * Win32s always includes the full path of the program file,

Did anybody check if this is true if the process has been created 
with "CreateProcess" without a complete path. Does the Win32s layer
in Win3.1 manipulate the commandline?


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